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Composition Center of Excellence Services

Ebix Consulting Composition Center of Excellence provides a broad range of composition services that includes expertise across industry standard and leading composition applications and online editors such as GMC Inspire, HP Exstream, Pageflex, XMPie, Chili Publish, Adobe and other related applications.

Our global composition experts have extensive experience in direct marketing and transactional documents, along with the technical and integration expertise needed for helping with and managing your composition projects from beginning to end.

With over a decade of experience, our Composition Center of Excellence leverages its proven Template Creation and Quality Control Process to provide the right structure and methodology for efficiently managing and delivering your template conversion projects, template creation projects and on-going requirements.

  • Analysis of Pre-Migration and Data Pre-Processing Applications
  • Composition Migration and Conversion Services
  • Composition Tools and Portal
  • Data Processing Automation
  • Document Composition Engineering and Optimization
  • Image/Asset Re-Purposing
  • InDesign Scripting
  • Integration and Process Automation Development
  • Script Library Development
  • Template Creation and Maintenance
  • Testing and Quality Control
  • Workflow Design and Engineering

Ebix Consulting is your Marketing Services Partner.