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crosstrio Media Center

Ebix Consulting's crosstrio Media Center is a best-in-class Asset Management System used to easily upload, organize, store, access, retrieve and distribute all of your digital assets in a secure central repository.

crosstrio Media Center gives content creators easy and fast access to digital elements and complete digital communications for effective print and electronic communications.

Ebix Consulting has rich experience in the organization, workflows and distribution of digital assets and digital rights management for Marketing and Corporate Communications departments across a multitude of industries.

Our core content management engine drives various aspects of the repository such as administration, workflow, content loading, and security, publishing and reporting. Our distribution engine, specific to the end user's needs, delivers the data in the desired format.

crosstrio Media Center is scalable from a quick and easy deployment using our proven implementation methodology.

With crosstrio Media Connect, assets stored in crosstrio Media Center or from your existing CMS or DAM are automatically retrieved in real-time for your users as they compose variable communications. This saves search and retrieval time, asset duplication and ensures the current and correct asset is being used for brand control and compliance.

Ebix Consulting's crosstrio Media Center also has the ability to deliver content in a personalized, multi-lingual, on-demand format. Custom modules can be added to enhance the services of the repository such as custom billing, custom reporting and storage management.

Customers across vertical industries are enjoying the efficiencies, increased revenues and brand control from utilizing Ebix Consulting's crosstrio Media Center solution.

Ebix Consulting is your Digital Asset Management partner.


  • Completely Customizable
    • Metadata
    • Taxonomy
    • Permissions
  • On Demand Image Generation
  • Flexible Security Management
    • Category
    • Group
  • Share assets via lightbox with both internal and external users
    • Provide restriction by usage and time
    • Usage is tracked at IP/browser
  • Supports Multi-Tenant
  • Multi-Language Ready
  • Supports branding per client
  • Integrates with crosstrio Marketing Portal and external applications


  • Improved efficiencies and reduced costs
    • Reduces steps in workflow processes
    • Eliminates repetitive and duplicate tasks
    • Streamlines collaboration review and content approval processes
    • Enforces standards compliance
    • Streamlines distribution
  • Increased revenues
    • Gain speed-to-market
    • Speed and coordination in the creation, approval and distribution of content
    • Preserves digital content
    • Protects intellectual property