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To improve organization efficiencies and compress the consumables supply chain for over 460 retail stores worldwide and new store openings, our client needed an automated, multi-lingual Web portal for ordering paper, bags, t-shirts, coffee, printer ink, pens and other consumables used to run its retail stores.


Ebix Consulting developed and deployed a global, multi-lingual Web order portal powered by our crosstrio™ portal framework. We host the scalable and flexible Retail Stores Web portal and integrated it with our client’s SAP systems for order creation, pricing updates and inventory levels.


  • Easy configuration and rapid deployment within 90 days, including 1740 catalog items
  • Rapid adoption by 462 retail stores globally
  • Simple and consistent ordering process for 566 global users
  • Streamlined internal processes, including order and shipping approvals
  • Enhanced productivity by Administrators
    • Administrative ordering time for new store openings reduced from days to minutes
    • Automated new store set up
    • Automated new product set up
    • The ability to manage seasonality/availability of a product (turn it off and on in the store)
  • Open platform that allows to onboard additional programs easily

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